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The Art of Decluttering

Decluttering physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituallycan invite all good energies, creates a sacred space in your life where you can set true intentions to attract abundance and desires which are in unique alignment of your spirit.

Physical and mental decluttering go hand in hand, once you start sweeping off the mental space, you are called to clear physical space around you as well. It sends a clear signal to the Universe that you are ready with clarity, clarity of that what you desire from the Universe and clarity of your life purpose.

Once you are clear and sorted with your goals, the Universe can also start working in the same direction and frequency as you are. You start co- creating with the Universe and are ready to embody a super manifesto.

The Universe loves order, so if you declutter and keep a healthy space, you will be attracting good things into your life and creating the space you need for them to appear. Here are some tools for intention setting of decluttering :

Decluttering Physically :

Arranging and re- arranging your spaces can create an abundant flow of new energies, as you allow a clear and fresh space to be created.

Discarding the stuff which you haven't used for long also invites the energies of new and sends a clear signal to the Universe that you're ready to make space for the new and are in a state to welcome the new. Hoarding old stuff will also bind old negative energies to linger on in your space, affecting your moods and mental state.

Making a to- do list for everyday chores and targets to be achieved will help to attain a clearer state of mind.

Adding colour to your spaces will in some way spark imagination and creativity and in some cases shift your energies from being stuck to felling more productive.

Setting priorities in terms of relationships, work, chores etc will create more space and time for all wonderful things to happen. Saying no to unimportant things will mean that you are saying yes to yourself, life and the most important things in your life.

Decluttering Emotionally :

Visualisations help to get rid of negative energies in which one feels stuck at times leading to anxiety and depression. Visualise yourself being happy and healthy will take you automatically in that state of mind.

Finding the way out to release the blocked emotions that one is carrying since childhood or past lives will be a saviour. It can be achieved through sitting with those emotions, finding out the root causes and the solutions which seem to be best in those cases.

Changing perspective can change the whole story of one's life in a positive and better way. Try to change the landscape of your life by changing your attitude and perspective on a particular situation.

Practising empathy can help you understand another person's perspective by being in someone else's shoes and can enhance the quality of relationships.

Practising gratitude can be helpful as it will make you realise and appreciate the blessings given to you which you occasionally ignore by focusing on something that is not there in your life.

Self- love and kindness towards oneself is not selfish and filling your own cup is important in order to give yourself to others.

Setting boundaries give a clear signal to others how you wish to be treated . It also gives a clear signal to the Universe that you are in a driver seat of your life and are in full control of the situation which in turn creates more balance.

Decluttering Spiritually :

Creating a routine and consistency of everything matters. By creating a routine of a particular spiritual practice, whether its lighting an incense every day, saying prayer or sitting in meditation, you send a clear signal to the Universe that you're ready for any situation in life as you are serious about your practices.

Create a scared space which you cherish, decorate and spend time for achieving and nurturing inner peace.

Being in nature and grounding yourself provides a fresh state of inner clarity.

Be clear of what resonates with you and what doesn't. Practising something which your soul doesn't speak of and doing it for others will not nurture your soul in the long run. Practice something which is in alignment of your mind, body and spirit.


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