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Mercury Retrograde : The Retrodrama of Mercury

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

What does Mercury Retrograde mean?

As the name suggests, retrograde is a term used when a planet appears to go backward in its orbit, as viewed from earth. According to astronomers, it is an optical illusion. All the planets rotate around the sun in the same direction, and that never changes. But during the time of retrograde, the position of Mercury seems opposite, as on earth our view is blocked by the sun, that makes us see Mercury going backwards. According to livescience (, the term retrograde in this instance refers to a perceived reversal in the standard west- to -east movement of Mercury through the stars.

What to expect during a Mercury Retrograde?

Disarray to daily affairs : Mercury is a planet which when goes retrograde causes a lot of changes in daily plans and routines. You might have to deviate from your standard way of doing a particular thing and take a different path. For example, you delay buying your pet's food and realise that a particular brand that he eats is not available in all the nearby marts. You end up spending extra time finding a place where you find the brand you want.

Muddled thinking : Your vision is clouded and you're not seeing the bigger picture. You also experience difficulty in prioritising your affairs that add to the confusion.

Communication going haywire : Mercury Retrograde is a period that rules miscommunication. You might get upset by what other people say to you or upset others by not being clear in your communications. Communication via emails, texts, or other digital platforms could also create misunderstandings if not checked properly before sending.

Change in travel plans : This period could lead to change your plans of travel, if any, because of reasons like, delayed flights, visa not coming on time, misplaced documents or any other personal reason. Sometimes a very silly unexpected reason will crop up, making you miss your travel or making it an uncomfortable one.

Technology glitches : Technology going haywire, telephones not working, wifi connection issues etc are very common during Mercury Retrograde.

Faulty Contracts : Make sure you don't sign any contract/ papers during this time as it can get you in trouble later and may not work for your highest good and others involved.

How to turn this period in your favour?

Focusing on 'Re's can bring some amount of positivity and respite during this time. It is all about reassessing, reanalysing, reflecting and reorganising. This will shift your perspective, take you into a zone of not creating the new, not planing new trees, but pruning the old ones instead. As you reflect on your past choices and your future goals, you have a clearer picture in your mind of what you want to do or create so that you can take acton once this period is over. Be flexible regarding any plans you make, either for work, pleasure or re creation. Always have plan B ready so that you don't get disappointed when the original one doesn't work. If you are travelling/ driving/ having an interview, always allow extra time so that you don't miss that flight or interview. Avoid signing new contracts, instead spend time researching about those contracts, so that you're ready to take action once the Retrograde is over. In case you have to sign a contract that is beyond your control, read the conditions carefully and double check before signing. Check your emails properly before sending them, it will save you from future confusion and chaos. Review your plans and try to prioritise so that you have enough room to do all the things you wish to do first and don't miss on those important things in your life. This is also the time when people from your past keep coming back, if that happens in any case, remember that once the retrograde is over, those ones will be back to their old way of being and show their true self, which could be unappreciated by you in the near future.

Making best use of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is not only about miscommunications and glitches, it is also a time of healing of past wounds and old issues so that you get the clarity of what is working and what is not, so that you'e ready to weed out the unwanted. It helps you align with your true self so that you can have an over view of your life and can understand your life purpose in a deeper way.

Mercury Retrograde, February 2020

This particular Retrograde, starting from February 16, will end on 9th March. Its happening with Mercury in Pisces, which is a sign of precision, intuition and clarity. With Mars in Capricorn and Mercury in Pisces, this one will try to shake your stability. If you plan and strategise in advance, this period could be used for you benefits, with you coming out as wiser and more stable.

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