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Full moon is that part of lunar cycle in which moon is fully illuminated after a cycle of 29.5 days. Full moon has a significance in Vedic Astrology and hence considered to be the most important planet in the birth chart. In Hindu mythology also it

has a great significance and many myths and epics are attached to it. The moon, being an indicator of feminine gender affects the yin energies of a person and our moods, attitudes, behaviours and patterns are deeply affected by the phases of moon.

The phases of the moon affect the ebb and flow of our existence. It is said that the gravitational pull of moon causes the rise and fall of ocean tides. The moon and females' fertility has also been linked since ages. Deborah Blake, author and high priestess marks the importance of moon by saying,

"Women have a very powerful spiritual connection with the moon. It is the symbol of the goddess, and so of feminine magic."

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The Full moon comes a fortnight after the intention setting on New Moon, when you've set the intentions, planned your approach and are ready to embody a newer version of you. The version that is your true self, the version that is your authentic self, the version that is your flawed self. Before the disc of the Full moon is fully illuminated, one goes through varieties of emotions, confusions , fears and anxieties, the fear of falling back in those rabbit holes, the fear of repeating those old patterns, the fear of not being able to move forward the fear of taking steps backward once you've moved forward from a situation you wanted to release. But this all comes in a form of blessing as this chaos gives you permission to start fresh, with a new perspective, even if there has been a tower moment in your life. Following are the ways you can use Full moon energies to move forward and start living your dream life, the one you have always wished for:

Decluttering physically and mentally : This is the time to clear your spaces, your wardrobes, your work station etc, so that whatever is not required in your life can be released. This also gives a signal to the Universe that you're in charge of your life and clear what what you need in your life. Once you start clearing, your mental and emotional energies get an outlet too and you give rise to a clearer, finer, better you. Decluttering in your relationships by having strong boundaries, not overdoing for people, getting rid of people pleasing and not accepting people with lower vibrational energies in your space, can go a long way.

Releasing the old limiting beliefs : You are called to release your old limiting story and write a new one. once you let go your old version, the way of your old being and the patterns you're clinging to, Universe supports you in every way to shine and by doing that you give permission to others to shine their light too.

Finding your triggers : We all have wounds, hurts and pain of the past that keep us dragging down and making us stand in our own way. Once you recognise your triggers, you find a way to work on it, releasing them once and for all. The best way to do it to recognise your inner voice whenever its doubting your self worth and telling you that you are not good enough. Recognising it every time, thanking it for being so caring but not accepting it, will shift it to the back burner and then eventually releasing it.

Self love : The more you work towards building your life positively, by taking care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, the more opportunities and doors of abundance and prosperity will open for you. Eating nutritious food, going for walks in nature, doing meditation, journaling, being with your loved ones and having fun with some non serious attitude towards life will take you higher on the journey of self love.

Reflection time : This is the time for some reality check, reflecting on you goals, your long term plans, and assessing whether you're in alignment with your goals. There are some questions to be asked from yourself, am I on the path I have always wanted, is it for my highest good and the highest good for all, what are my goals for the next decade, what should my approach be, what actions I would like to take to achieve that, what should my daily practice look like. Once you have made a note of everything, you can always come back to your journal whenever you feel unstable and unsure.

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